What is the best composting toilet? We Review The Market Leaders.

What are the best compost toilets?

Composting toilets may be used in a variety of settings, from an off-grid RV setup to a modest residence. Aerobic decomposition occurs naturally since they don’t consume much water and don’t need to be hooked up to any sewer system. 

Some are fixed in place and require a vent to the outside, while others are movable and just need to be set up once. While the “humanure” system (also known as the bucket-and-sawdust technique) is popular among DIYers, there are a number of excellent commercial choices available that are easier to use and create less mess.

Some producers seek NSF International certification, an independent group that confirms consumer items satisfy fundamental criteria such as being odor-free and able to handle the claimed capacity.

Here are the greatest composting toilets on the market right now!

Best Composting Toilets
Best Overall
Nature's Head Composting Toilet - Best Overall
9.2/10 Our Score


  • Normal ventilation hose
  • 12-volt power hook-up
  • Either the shifter or the spider handle 
  • Coconut coir and sphagnum peat moss
  • 1 Nature’s Head Toilet Unit


  • Easy to install and use
  • Space efficient 
  • Reliable for off-grid livestyles
  • Durable
  • Odorless


  • The urine bottle is transaparent
  • It can get abit clunky 
  • Needs periodical emptying 

Once you’ve installed your Nature’s Head composting toilet, it’s completely self-contained and easy to use. All you’ve got to do is hook up a simple 12-volt fan vent and you’re good to go and start composting.

Nature’s Head themselves claim that the toilet is good for around 90 uses before needing to be emptied, so you can do the math on that and figure out how long you can let it go before emptying it out. Just never let it sie above the crank, no matter how many uses you think you’ve got left.

What we typically think of as sewage smell is the result of liquid and solid waste being mixed together and festering there. The Nature’s Head composting toilet is specifically designed in such a way to separate the two types of waste and mitigate any potential sewage smells. 

Best Value
Air Head Composting Toilet
8.3/10 Our Score


  • The urine bottle with a capacity-indicator window
  • The solids hatch
  • The 12-volt, shroud fan
  • Removable crank for easy installation and use
  • 50 pieces of bowl liners
  • 1 x coir peat
  • Seals under the seat and lids to suit showers
  • Vented storage for storage tanks


  • Waterless flushing
  • Odorless and nature-friendly
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compact to suit limited space


  • Works best for low-frequency users


The Air Head Composting Toilet is one of the best composting toilets on the market today. Modern technology ensures ease of use and no funky odors while sleek, minimal design means it looks the part in bathrooms big and small.

Air Head toilets are exceptional solutions to off-grid living because you can go over 60 times before emptying them. Two people in a trailer or a boat could go about three months without having to empty the solids tank of this self-contained toilet.

Best Selling
Sun-Mar Excel Electric Waterless Composting Toilet
9.3/10 Our Score

The Sun-Mar Excel Electric Waterless Composting Toilet is the best-selling toilet in North America, and it’s simple to use, dependable, and NSF-certified. This toilet is a self-contained composting device that plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet and can accommodate three to four people full-time or six to eight people on weekends.


  • Evaporates all liquids during normal use
  • 5-inch emergency drain is fitted at the rear
  • Produces no odor and makes clean, safe compost
  • High capacity
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • Features a fan and a thermostatically controlled heater
  • Plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet

Points to consider:

  • Installation requires drilling into your wall or ceiling for venting
Best Electric
Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC
9.5/10 Our Score


For off-the-grid living, there is no better composting toilet than the Villa 9215 AC/DC composting toilet. If you’re looking for an all-in-one answer to your composting needs, this is the best option.

A practical choice:

It can be used both on and off the grid because it has both AC and DC power options. When using AC power, you can connect to a typical home outlet, but when using DC power, you can connect to a battery or a solar panel for electricity.

This composting toilet is a fantastic choice for any off-the-grid arrangement since it comes with a five-year warranty on manufacture defects and a three-year warranty on the fan.

Everything you need to be completely off-grid

The Villa 9215 AC/DC is tempting to individuals from all over the world because of its complete off-the-grid arrangement. Composting may begin as soon as you plug in the DC configuration of this toilet if you’re living off the grid. The Villa 9215 offers AC power if you wish to connect this to your home’s electricity system.

How simple is it to set up?

It simply takes a few minutes to assemble this toilet right out of the box. All you have to do to get started is follow the given directions to attach the accompanying connectors to the toilet, which is entirely constructed save for the connections and tubing. There is nothing more to do than connecting the fan to your batteries, solar panel or home outlet and pressing the start button.


  • 6-foot urine drain hose
  • Bag of 10 compostable waste bags
  • Compostable waste bucket with lid
  • Vent tube
  • Vent tube adapters
  • Vent tube insect screen
  • Template for cutout positioning
  • Rear-mounting bracket
  • Inside support
  • 2 screws and an Allen wrench
  • Extra screws for floor mounting
  • Insulating strip

It is possible to assemble this toilet in a variety of ways by following the instructions provided in the included instruction manual. This toilet can be set up in a number of various locations and situations, making it useful no matter where you are.

Best Composting Toilet for RV & Van Life

One of the difficulties of living in a van is finding a place to relieve yourself.

After all, emptying your own waste rather than simply flushing it down the sink isn’t a very tempting concept when it comes to van life basics. Having a toilet in your little camper van becomes less of a hassle if you follow these instructions precisely. So we’re compiling a list of the finest composting toilets for camper vans, and the most sustainable and environmentally beneficial ways to flush the toilet.

It’s possible that you have no clue what possibilities there are for toilets in a van if you’ve never considered it. Despite their widespread usage, Porta Potties, the most frequent type of toilet in campervans, utilize a lot of water both during use and cleanup.

In addition, they require harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment and smell awful.

You may use composting toilets on the road since they require no water, no chemicals and are ecologically friendly. This is great news for individuals who want to conserve their landscapes while traveling.

Best For Van Life
9.2/10 Our Score

The Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is at the top of our list of the best composting toilets for RVers and campers. A team of designers who have spent their whole lives on the sea created the composting toilet for boaters. As a result, they have invented an odor-free, composting toilet that is ideal for anyone living on a boat or in an RV.

On average, this toilet only has to be emptied once every three to four days, if it is used full time by two people, and the solid waste only needs to be emptied once a month. For those who live on the road full-time, this means they only have to locate a place to empty their tanks once a month.

Use of the 12v fan with peat, sawdust, or coconut coir with the Natures Head leaves no odor, which is great news for people who live in small campsites. Despite its tiny size and ease of use, this toilet comes at a price.

However, after the initial purchase of a Natures Head toilet, there are little expenditures associated with operating and maintaining the toilet, which is durable and long-lasting.

Best composting toilet for a tiny house

More and more individuals are turning to tiny houses in order to live a life that isn’t tied down to a significant amount of debt or expensive monthly utility bills.

In the last few years, the popularity of tiny houses has skyrocketed, and it’s understandable. More and more individuals are interested in reducing or eliminating their reliance on city utilities including water, power, and garbage collection.

It’s crucial to maximize space in a compact house, so finding a composting toilet that’s small enough to fit into the available area yet can handle your waste disposal needs is a good idea.

Best Electric
Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC - Best for a Tiny House
9.5/10 Our Score


The Villa 9215 AC/DC is an excellent choice for Tiny House owners. With this composting toilet, you receive everything you need to get started right out of the box. The Separett Villa 9215 composting toilet doesn’t require any additional parts to be functional, unlike some other composting toilets that do. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one answer to your composting needs, this is the best option.

Why it is the best:

The price of this environmental toilet is a little on the high side, but you won’t have to worry about any odor concerns with this model.

A practical choice:

It can be used both on and off the grid because it has both AC and DC power options. When using AC power, you can connect to a typical home outlet, but when using DC power, you can connect to a battery or a solar panel for electricity.

For direct venting and draining, the single-speed fan may reach a maximum distance of 20 feet. Compostable bags and a lidded waste receptacle are included with this toilet.

How simple is it to set up?

It is possible to assemble this toilet in a variety of ways by following the instructions provided in the included instruction manual. This makes it an excellent choice for Tiny House owners who need to maximise space. 


It is possible to set up this composting toilet using either AC or DC power in any setting.
Everything you need, from vent tubes to brackets to screws to an Allen wrench, is included in the kit.
Composting time and convenience of use are improved by using a urine-diverting tube. The instruction handbook provides all the information needed to set this up correctly.
The Separett brand is known for making high-quality toilets, and they offer exceptional customer service for all of their products.


In some situations, you’ll need to buy extra parts like a vent tube extension or a urine hose extension tube. Examples of these include RVs and trailers with high roofs.

Best composting toilets for cabins

Some cabins are equipped from the get-go with all the comforts of home, including a standard piped toilet. Some freshly constructed cabins, on the other hand, do not have a well or septic system since the owners gradually incorporate these elements. Alternatively, some cabin owners may be able to install standard plumbing, but they may not like to deal with the red tape associated with applying for permits from local authorities.

Some people, particularly those who live near lakes, are concerned about the quality of their septic systems and want to conserve water in order to avoid overloading them during busy weekends at the cabin. Using composting and incinerating toilets can be a practical, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly option for cabin owners.

To break down the garbage into nutrient-rich soil, composting toilet systems rely on nature’s composting process, which may be powered by electricity or batteries and require little or no water. They’re also easy to install and maintain, and they can be standalone or linked to another composting system. Depending on the model, some composting units require a power supply for heat and/or ventilation, as well as regular cleaning of the composting tray by the owners.

Best For Cabins
Sun-Mar Excel self-contained composting system
9.5/10 Our Score

The Excel is Sun Mar’s best selling unit in North America. It’s a high-capacity Bio-drum toilet that’s easy to use, has tried-and-true technology, and is highly dependable. It is this high-capacity that makes this toilet stand out for us as the best option for cabin life. There’s nothing worse than an overflowing toilet when you have your family at your cabin for the weekend!

The Excel was the first self-contained toilet to get National Sanitation Foundation certification (NSF). As a result, when you buy an Excel, you’re getting a composting toilet that sets the bar.

The Excel has adequate capacity to be utilized in a variety of settings, including homes, cottages, and even light commercial applications.


  • Available in 2 colours- white and bone
  • 2″ Thin-wall PVC Vent pipe
  • Capacity of 3 adults or a family of 5 for residential use
  • Capacity of 6 adults or family of 8 for seasonal or vacation use

Uses 3 composting chamber toilet system to turn waste into compost –

1- chamber where fresh water is deposited
2 – evaporation chamber, creating compost through air and heat movement.
3 – finishing drawer, compost is moved to this final chamber and sealed away to avoid contamination with other chambers.

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