What are the best composting toilets?

There are many brands of composting toilets to choose from - the variation is so many, you will not be short of options!

Some of the most popular brands of composting toilet producers and manufacturers to choose from include:

Nature's head

This is by far the most popular brand for composting toilets, whether its for a camper van, a tiny house, your family home, or even an RV - Nature's head has you covered.


Air head is a composting toilet that offers convenience and odorless operation. It has two tanks, one for urine and another for solid waste.

The solids container can be used over 60-80 times before needing to be emptied! That should be enough for two people for a month.

Sun Mar

Sun mar is a world leader in providing eco-friendly toilet solutions.

Their toilets provide a environmentally friendly and stylish alternative to traditional toilets and costly septic system installations.

Sun mar is ideal for someone wanting a top of the range composter with the reassurance of a top name brand.

Separett Villa

Separett was founded with the goal of improving the lives of many people. A Swedish family-owned firm, they have been developing waterless toilet solutions for over 40 years with the goal of improving quality of life and making everyday living easier and more pleasant for everyone.