Cost of composting toilets

Many composting toilets use compost as a fertilizer which is great for your garden. The compost that collects in the toilet's tank can be used as compost on your plants, or it can be stored and sold to other people who want to buy compost.

Composting toilets reduce water usage by up to 90% since they do not require flushing.

They are also more environmentally friendly than traditional toilets because they do not require chemicals or produce sewage sludge that needs to be pumped out of the house or sewage system - they only produce compost!

This blog post will discuss what you need to know about composting toilets before making a purchase, how much a composting toilet will cost and whether it's worth it!

Why invest in a composting toilet?

If you already compost at home, chances are that composting toilets seem like a natural next step. And a great addition to the composting bin in your gardens or allotments where you already chuck your kitchen waste!

But composting toilets come with their own set of challenges and considerations.

Composting toilets have a lot of advantages: they use less water than traditional flush toilets, they're better for the environment, and they don't generate any sewage waste or smells from human waste.

However, composting toilet installation can be expensive (and sometimes not available), maintenance is more time-consuming (though not difficult), and there's no guarantee your compost will produce enough fertilizer to grow all the plants in your garden!

Therefore, it is important to discuss and be aware of all the costs associated with switching to a composting toilet- although it can save money on water bills and utility costs, it typically requires more work than most people are willing to do.

Who should consider a composting toilet?

You are recommended to look into and consider switching compost toilets if you are keen on:

  • Saving money
  • Living more sustainably
  • Reducing water usage
  • Minimizing pollution and your environmental impact

Composting toilet systems to decide from:

Self-contained system:

The entire system is linked and, for all intents and purposes, operates as a single entity.

If you have limited room or a multi-story residence, these solutions may be ideal for you.

Centralized system:

A big, centralized tank is built either under your home or outside, and all waste is flushed to the tank.

There are several types of centralized systems, each with its own method of flushing waste and number of storage chambers.

Depending on your specific scenario, a centralized system, which is more comparable to a regular flush toilet, may give a better experience.

Compost toilet cost

Eco toilets typically range from around $500 to over $1500 depending on the brand and model you opt for.

However, you can DIY your own version for as little as $50 - read this article on how to DIY your own composting loo (IL).

When it comes to composting toilets, you will never be out of choice- with many brands such as Sun -Mar, Separett, Nature's head, Airhead and more, the range of products to shop from are endless.

Below is a list of composting toilet choices and their price and top features for you to decide from.

Model 1: Nature's head dry composting toilet with spider handle

Price: $925

Nature's Head Dry Compost Toilet with Standard Crank Handle Design provides customers with a better and faster cleaning capabilities thanks to its hand crank agitation in its core.

This waterless toilets is self-contained and works on a urine diverting mechanism. It has a 12v power connection and a low-volume air circulation fan built in.

This toilet has a simple and easy-to-use maintenance method, as well as a rapid installation process.

It has no unpleasant odors and runs on a waterless operating system. The toilet, on the other hand, need regular emptying of the liquids container.

Model 2: Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Price: $2,465

While staying odorless, the Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet converts toilet waste into safe fertilizing soil.

This type is intended for large groups, such as 3-4 people in a home environment or 6-8 people in a weekend cabin.

Model 3: Separett Urine diverting toilet Villa® 9010

Price: $583.20

The Separett Villa 9010 is a urine diverting toilet that provides a comfortable toilet visit thanks to its simplicity and infinite capacity.

Both the odor and the volume of waste that must be disposed of are decreased as a result of urine separation.

Model 4: Air Head Composting Toilet (Complete Unit)

Price: $1,029.00

With the Air Head composting toilet, you may choose between a home or a marine toilet seat, as well as the position of the crank handle (right or left).

For the tank type, it has a flat back and hull form, as well as a typical liquid bottle capacity of 7.5 liters.

You may also choose the fan housing and the location of the venting.

This allows you to choose between venting through the side wall, the roof, or the floor.

Model 5: Compact urine separating toilet Separett Rescue Camping 25

Price: $63

The Rescue Camping 25 is an excellent choice for use in a boat or RV. When nature calls, your travel becomes more convenient and comfortable.

Rescue camping is suited for both adults and children, and it is simple to assemble and dismantle as needed, making it perfect for situations where there is no electricity.

This is an affordable, portable and compact composting system for campers and short term or off-grid living.

Even if you're out in the woods, don't do your business in nature; do it in a pleasant manner.


Before you decide on whether it is worth spending extra money on a composting toilet system consider these factors:

Do you live in an area where water conservation is important? Do you work in an industry where spills are common (e.g. hospital)?

The products and models mentioned in this article aren't the only ones you have available to you.

There are many types of compost toilets to choose from- check out this article for a guide on all the types of compost toilets.