Buying a 20,000-watt solar panel system is a big decision.

Though the average person will probably never need that much power, they are still a great investment and will produce more electricity than any other system available.

In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about this powerful system and how it can benefit your home or business. We will discuss the power of a 20,000-watt solar panel system, and what equipment it can generate! We have also compiled a list of the best solar generator for your house that you might want to check.

What to consider when investing in a 20,000W solar panel system

The first thing to think about when you are looking for a 20,000-watt solar panel system is where you will be able to purchase such a large system. We have you fully covered in the product review section of this article!

If installing your own system with separate components you will need to ensure that every part of the system is up to the same standard, but this can be very time-consuming. Instead, buying a kit allows you to save time and money as all of the components are already in place for easy installation.

After deciding on where you will purchase your solar panel system, it’s important that when purchasing equipment, like inverters (to convert DC power to AC), you don’t mix and match different brands and products. This can cause problems with compatibility, which in turn means that your system will not work as well as it should be working.

A 20,000-watt solar panel system is a great option if you are looking for an off-grid solution for a commercial installation or have extra space on a very large roof.

But if you have limited space, learn how you can power your home while helping the environment by installing a 5000-watt solar panel system!

Size and weight

A 20kW solar system will need on average 78-80 solar panels, depending on the efficiency of the panels. The weight can be heavy so make sure you have a sturdy roof that won’t crack under the load!

Photo of someone cleaning solar panels

20kW solar power systems usually come with some sort of mounting brackets pre-installed. These allow the panels to be mounted easily atop a roof or other elevated surface without any additional drilling being required, which is usually necessary for ground-mounted solar installation.

To ensure your roof is up to the job of supporting a 20,000-watt system, we’d recommend you speak to a local installer before fitting it.

What you can run on a 20,000-watt system?

With such a large system it is possible to run and power a wide variety of household, or commercial items/equipment. In fact, it is unlikely you will ever run out of power with this system!

You should consider including battery storage with your 20,000w system so you can continue to take advantage of your clean energy at all times.

How Much Will A 20,000 Watt System Cost?

A typical system of this size could cost about $25,000 in total. But this will depend on where you live, what brand you choose, whether you pay for installation, and also whether you need to do any work improving your roof before installing. So there are many factors to consider aside from the cost of solar panels! In addition, if you’re looking for a 10kw solar panel system, our comprehensive guide will be able to assist!

To save on installation costs, below we have listed the most recommended 20kW solar panel kits that you will be able to install yourself!