Do you bird and critter-proof your solar panels? If not, it’s time to get out the bird netting and Critter Guard!

Birds, pigeons, and other critters can be a big problem for installations such as a 2kw solar system.

Unfortunately, they are attracted by the reflection of sunlight on solar panels and they often like to take shelter or nest underneath them. This can cause lasting damage, as the bird droppings contain heavy metals which can cause corrosion, short circuit cells, decrease performance, or even ruin an entire array of solar panels.

pigeon on a roof

Below are our top 6 tips on how to fully protect your solar panels against birds and critters!

A bird guard proofing kit

Critter Guard

Bird proofing kits are a great option for maintaining and protecting your solar panels yourself. They mostly use mesh gauge wire that can be fitted around the sides of the solar panel creating a guard to stop pigeons and other critters from nesting underneath.

This way birds cannot enter through any open spaces or gaps in between individual solar panels. If you live near trees or power lines make sure they do not interfere with this installation process either. 

With these kits, you will never have to worry about pesky pigeons causing damage again!

You’ll get everything you need in one package – including instructions and all necessary hardware for installation. The critter guard is an investment worth making if you want to find a solution for protecting your expensive equipment, whilst saving money on electricity bills at the same time!


Bird proofing solar panels with these guards and kits will cost you around $150-$200 depending on the size of your solar panel. However, it’s important to think about what is really worth saving – and with a bird netting kit for example this can quickly become very clear!

Deterrent Devices

Bird decoys

bird decoy

To protect your investment in solar energy you need to keep pigeons and squirrels away from your roof system. But how? 

Solar panel deterrent devices such as bird decoys like owls or hawks help scare off these pesky creatures so they stop them from nesting under solar panels.

The best part is that these products also look great while protecting your system!

These decoys can be set up in an area where birds roost to scare them away, however, they will need to be frequently moved so the birds do not become accustomed to them.

Anti-roosting spikes

Roof spikes are an excellent option for keeping your solar panels free of any unwanted critters.

The sharp points of the roof spikes make it uncomfortable for animals, like birds and squirrels, to walk across the roof. So they will quickly fly off while you enjoy an uninterrupted power supply!

You can also use bird spikes around areas where water collects such as your guttering, this will stop unintentional access into these openings! 

The installation process is very simple, especially if you have a flat roof. The spikes should be placed on all sides of the building that has solar panels mounted on them and should be spaced no more than two feet apart.

This is a great addition to the bird guard proofing kit!

Bird-free fire gel

Despite the name, bird-free fire gel is safe to use (not a fire hazard), and harmless to birds and other critters. The installation process is very quick and simple and has almost immediate results.

The fire gel emits an ultraviolet light (UV) that is invisible to humans, but from a bird’s perspective will make it seem as though there’s the potential for some kind of fire hazard on your roof and solar panels. This means they’ll fly away and will not want to nest there.

The smell of the gel also acts as another deterrent as the birds despise it, though this is not an issue for the human nose.

Contact a solar panel bird proofing company

If you want to avoid the hassle of installing bird proofing guards, then hiring experts will be your best bet. There are many benefits to this option, including:

• They’ll set up and install everything for you accurately, so you do not have to worry about doing anything wrong.

• They will remove any birds or critters currently nesting on top of your solar panel installation area.

• They may clean the area surrounding the solar panels of bird and squirrel droppings before installation.

• They will ensure there is no solar panel damage in the process of installing the guards.

• If their services are covered under warranty they may come back out at no cost in case more birds decide to migrate onto it!

Solar Panel Maintenance

Keeping your garden clean

keep your garden clean

When trying to avoid birds and squirrels from nesting in your PV system, it is important to not accidentally encourage them and keep your garden clean.

Both pigeons and other critters will source loose twigs and debris from around your garden to use to make nests in your solar system.

It is important to regularly check and clean up your garden and its surrounding areas and dispose of any potential objects that could be used by the rodents.

This includes keeping your bins secure and closed off to ensure birds are unable to use this as a food source, which will encourage them to move on away from your solar panels.

Maintaining your solar panels

Don’t let birds and critters ruin your solar panels!

Maintaining your solar panels is easy and a vital step to ensuring your poly solar panels continue to produce quality energy without birds and critters getting in the way.

Regular inspections ensure that there are no damages, and cleaning any bird nests and droppings often ensures that dirt doesn’t build up on the surface and reduces the panel efficiency.

Professionally servicing your solar panels ensures you’re maintaining long-term functionality and optimal performance!

Removing birds from your solar panels

If birds and other critters are already present and causing problems with your solar system, it is best to have them removed before installing any guards or other deterrents.

It may be possible to get rid of the creatures just by using some of the deterrent products listed above!

If those fail to make the birds move along, you should contact a solar panel pigeon control service or pest control, that will assist you to remove the birds safely and without causing any damage.

This will also ensure that you do not harm any protected species, as professional services should hold a license to remove the birds lawfully.

What’s next?

If you have had to deal with pigeons or other rodents continuously causing a problem with your roof’s solar system, it is likely they have left an unpleasant mess that you will need to deal with.

Although critter guards or decoys may be a solution, you should not neglect your solar panels and their cleanliness.