Do you have solar panels on your roof? If so, then you should be cleaning them regularly!

While it may seem like a tedious chore, this is an important part of the process and will help your solar panels to last longer.

In this article, we’ll discuss solar panel cleaning kits with an Eco-friendly conscience, and all the top solar panel cleaning equipment.

solar panel cleaning kits

Why do I need to clean my solar panels?

Solar panel cleaning is important as it will remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may have accumulated on the surface. This will help them to work more efficiently and promote their longevity.

Dust and dirt are often not a major issue, as the sun can still penetrate through them and will mostly be washed away by rain. Though after some time rain may cause marks and dirt build-up on your PV solar system that will need to get cleaned up frequently.

Leaves need to be removed regularly because they’ll build up or trap more dust, which may affect the solar panel efficiency. Along with any bird droppings that may have accumulated over time, which can be prevented with bird and critter proofing guards.

By regularly cleaning your solar panels you will not only keep the condition of your system in top shape, but it also protects and preserves your warranty.

How often should I clean my solar panels?

You will want to clean the panels at least once a year (some manufacturers recommend twice), depending on if you live in an area with frequent wind, rain, snow, or hail storms.

Photo of someone cleaning solar panels

The position and angle of your solar panel system should be taken into consideration when deciding how often you should complete any solar panel cleaning. The more horizontal your PV panels are the more likely they are to get dirty and collect debris, which will have an impact on how much energy you will generate.

You should be assessing the condition and cleanliness of your solar panel cells regularly.

If you notice any rusting on the brackets that hold them in place, sagging from being out of alignment, dirt build-up, or a lot of debris has accumulated – it might be time to get yourself some appropriate solar panel cleaning equipment!

How do I clean my solar panels properly?

After attracting the sun all day solar panel cells can get very hot, therefore it is advised that panel cleaning or assessments on your system should be done in the morning when it is likely to be less hot.

Even on cool days, you should still be cautious of any solar cleaning, as they are partially made of glass and constantly attract the sun, so touching them could burn you.

If the PV system is dirty, it is best to use tools or equipment that are Eco-friendly, have been created to protect the environment, and will not damage your solar cells or the ground in your garden. Using just a hose and some soap or other household cleaning products may not be efficient enough.

How can I be more eco-friendly when cleaning my solar panels? 

It is best to opt for solar panel cleaning products that are considered “environmentally friendly” as they will not contain harsh chemicals that have the ability to harm the environment or wildlife.

Photo of someone holding soil in their hands

In some cases, a professional may be needed to apply the cleaner and then rinse off everything to avoid any chemical spills or leaks into the ground.

You should ensure all equipment and cleaning solutions are cleaned or disposed of appropriately and safely, to ensure you do not damage or leak toxic substances into your system which can be harmful in various ways.

If you want easy and sustainable options, you can find solar panel cleaning equipment or solar panel cleaning tools that we have reviewed below!

What are the best eco-friendly cleaning options?

There are a variety of solar panel cleaning tools that you may have at home that will be able to clean your solar panels to an extent, though they may not be suitable for long-term efficiency.

There are a variety of options at your disposal to ensure your solar panels stay shining and efficient over time. Some may be able to get the job done just fine, while others will only provide temporary results with minimal efficiency.

– A cleaning brush or squeegee.

– A pressure washer

– Vinegar In A Spray Bottle: dilute the vinegar with water.

Below are our recommended solar panel cleaning tools and products that will give long-term effects.

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Sleek Design
Glass Gleam Solar Cleaner
9.5/10Our Score


  • Low fragrance
  • Optimized foam level
  • An orange indicator


  • Climate Pledge Friendly certified
  • Has a low carbon footprint
  • Concentrated = one gallon will make over 500 gallons of solar panel cleaning solution


  • Limited stock available

Product Overview

The Titan Laboratories glass gleam solar panel cleaner is a highly rated and efficient cleaning solution. The product is certified by Green Earth Technologies, and commits to help preserve the natural world and wildlife.

You will not need to worry about damaging your solar panel system with this product as it does not contain alcohol, phenols, or ammonia, and will not void your solar panel warranty.

This high-tech detergent will restore your panels efficiency to 100%, once you scrub and rinse your panels will be left sparkling.

Best Overall
Winsol Solar Brite Solar Panel Cleaning Soap
8.7/10Our Score


  • Recyclable container and label
  • A gallon of concentrated product


  • Green Plus+ standards
  • pH Neutral, Chlorine and Phenol free
  • Biodegradable


  • Not Climate Pledge Friendly certified

Product Overview:

This highly concentrated product will remove pollution, automotive exhaust, oils, jet fuels, greases and grime and will leave your solar panels looking brand new.

For best results, it is recommended to clean on the surface with light scrubbing and rinse off with water.

Best Overall
EQUIPMAXX Water Fed Pole Kit
8.1/10Our Score


  • New goose neck adapter
  • Lightweight aluminium pole with extension poles
  • Foam grip handle


  • Allows you to add a brush and squeegee
  • Lightweight
  • Can connect to garden hose


  • Limited stock available

Product Overview:

This solar panel cleaning kit includes extension poles th can extend from 6 foot 6 inches to 24 feet, giving you a quick but efficient experience.

The devise is manageable, attaches to a hose, and includes a shut off valve on the connector to making the whole cleaning process more convenient.

Best Overall
Eversprout Scrub Brush
8.1/10Our Score


  • Extension pole
  • Non-slip foam handle
  • Rubber bumper and squeegee


  • No-scratch soft bristles
  • Reaches up to 25 feet when standing
  • One tree planted for every order
  • Compatible with other Eversprout attachments
  • One year warranty


  • Can often sell out

Product Overview:

The Eversprout is a reliable, fully extendable, and lightweight (2.1 pounds) solar panel cleaning brush that will help you to polish your panels with ease. The brush features soft bristles specifically designed for solar modules.

This purchase will also come in handy for cleaning your house siding, car, driveway, floor etc. and will have 10+ potential uses.

Best Overall
Mr. LongArm 1009 Pro
8.5/10Our Score


  • Canvas case
  • Extendable pole
  • Premium squeegee
  • Two tool handles
  • Cleaning scrub brush & cloth
  • Cleaning DVD


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Leaves no carbon footprint
  • Conserves on water


  • Limited stock available

Product Overview:

This solar panel cleaning tool is designed to clean roof solar panels faster, safer and easier, and is therefore better for the environment as a whole.

Mr. LongArm 1009 pro has a unique curve that gives you great movement and allows you to clean hard to reach parts of your solar system that you may normally miss.

Great Choice
ZQTHL Electric Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning Machine
6.5/10Our Score


  • Double Head Automatic Rotary Cleaning Brush
  • Lithium battery
  • 3.5m telescopic pole


  • Long distance cleaning
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Water saving design


  • Expensive


Product Overview

This solar panel cleaning system is great for commercial and large-area environments without electricity.

Powered by lithium battery, the electric cleaning machine uses a dual brush that rotates at high-speed to give the ultimate clean effect, and has a betwwen 5-6 hours.

Though lightweight, the machine is stable, easy to carry and is noise reducing.


If you are interested in cleaning your solar panels, the range of products and machines we have listed above are available to suit all budgets. From brushes and solutions to professional-grade equipment that will clean large arrays with ease; we have included everything you need.

Take care of yourself and the environment by choosing one of our recommended sustainable methods!