Imagine if you had a free 4KWh to use daily? You could power your fridge, oven, AND air conditioning. With this ECO-WORTHY 1KW 4KWH/Day Complete Solar Panel System Kit, that’s exactly what you get.

Make easy connections with the inverter, which features a 30A charge controller. The inverter features a 3000W rating, meaning it can handle many household appliances at once. The in-built controller regulates charging and discharge for safety and efficiency.

Let’s a closer look at this kit.

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ECO-WORTHY 1KW 4KWH/Day Complete Solar Panel System Kit
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  • Six high-efficiency 195W panels
  • 30A charging controller
  • 3000W power inverter (24V)
  • Z-mounting bracket (six sets)
  • Two 100Ah batteries
  • Two Y-branch connectors
  • One 16.4-inch 12AWG solar cable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Up to 4KWh of clean energy each day
  • Great protection from harsh weather and overcharging
  • Durable build 
  • Easy, DIY installation 
  • Generous storage capacity with inverter for tapping into the energy grid


  • Sells out fast


This ECO-WORTHY 1KW 4KWH/Day Complete Solar Panel System Kit can store up to 200Ah of solar energy before the controller trips charging. It comes with four 100Ah batteries, meaning the storage can cover days when sunlight is at a minimum.

You don’t need specialized skills to install this complete solar system. It comes with the brackets, cables and connectors you need. The solar panels feature sturdy, corrosion-resistant frames for secure mounts and longevity, so this kit can withstand harsh weather conditions for years. 

You can install this kit even if your property is on the grid. It will give you the power you need on sunny days and if the batteries run low when the sun goes down, tap power from the grid. Imagine the competitive edge your business could have with free 4KWh daily!


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Components

ECO-WORTHY’s Success

Eco-worthy solar has been making high-quality renewable energy products for nearly 20 years. 

This 1KW 4KWH/Day Complete Solar Panel System Kit is a sure way to increase your property value and reduce your energy bills. It features sturdy panel frames for longevity and an intuitive controller to protect it from damage. 

Customer service is at ECO-WORTHY’s core. You can call them customer services anytime you have a question and the team will be at your service!

Two Y-Branch Connectors

Safety is assured with this kit. Two Y-branch connectors balance the output of the panels with battery capacity. They are tight and waterproof, optimizing efficiency between the panels and the inverter.

More safety features include the 30A charge controller rated at 24V DC input. It’s inbuilt into the 3000W power inverter. It can:

  • Prevent overcharging
  • Prevent over-discharging
  • Connect into and disconnect from power grids
  • Switch between high voltage and low voltage appliances
3000W inverter with 30A charge controller

High-Efficiency Panels

Each panel is rated 195W, and high conversion efficiency yields an average of 4KWh daily. The six panels feature a peak voltage of 21.2V to accommodate a wide range of appliances. The 12V batteries also support compatibility with many appliances. It means you can rely on this kit to power utilities like:

  • Baseboard heater: (1.5KWh)
  • 1.5-ton heat pump: (2.93 KWh)
  • Whole house fan air conditioning: (0.2–0.4 kWh)
  • Clothes dryer (light load vs. heavy load): (2.5–4 kWh per load)
  • Oven: (2.3 kWh)

You choose how to balance between appliances, and you can do it easily with the 30A charging controller and 3000W power inverter (24V). 


This solar panel kit is suitable for you if:

  • You want to slim your carbon footprint.
  • You want lower utility bills.
  • You live in or market off-grid properties.

Last word

The ECO-WORTHY 1KW 4KWH/Day Complete Solar Panel System Kit is what you need to save money AND the environment. For more options of solar panels with around the same power rating, read our roundup of 1000-watt solar panel kits. If you are looking for a slightly more powerful kit, you could consider Eco-worthy’s 1.5kw off-grid kit, or if you want to vary up your power supply you can check out their 1400 watt wind and solar kit.