This Eco-worthy 1kw kit with battery and inverter is a complete solar panel system. It can produce 4kwh daily when the weather is consistently sunny, making it suitable for folks living in off-grid settings.

Great Value
ECO-WORTHY 1KW Kit with Battery and Inverter
7.4/10 Our Score


  • 6 x 195W monocrystalline solar panels. 
  • 2 pcs 16.4′ 12AWG solar cables.
  • A 3500W, remote-controlled inverter. 
  • 2 pcs 100AH batteries.
  • A 6.5ft inverter cable. 
  • A 60-amp charge controller. 
  • 6 sets Z mounting bracket.
  • Y branch.
  • One-year output warranty + 24/7 support.


  • Up to 200Ah of power storage.
  • Wide range battery-voltage compatibility (12V-24V).
  • Stable power supply.
  • Easy installation kits.
  • Comes with a 3500W inverter.
  • Easy to integrate into panel groups forming solar fields.


  • Short output warranty.

Rural households can power their fridges and small A/Cs with this unit without incurring energy bills. A single panel rates at 195W output, and each is built for efficiency and durability despite harsh weather conditions.

Each piece rates at a nominal voltage of 18 volts, but it’s capable of a 21.2V-peak. The range is suitable for different uses, and all six solar panels can power your shed, cabin, or isolated farming project for the long-term. ECO-WORTHY reassures you with one year of output warranty and customer support.

A remote-controlled, 3500W, 24V-110V inverter empowers you to run all sorts of appliances with this system. It converts DC to AC and has a robust input capacity of up to 24V DC, which maximizes output despite varying weather conditions.

ECO-WORTHY protects your investment with a 60-amp charge controller, which prevents this complete solar system from overcharging.

The Y branch makes it easy to integrate it into panel groups. Therefore, you even form solar fields.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Components        

ECO-WORTHY’s High-Quality, Electric Engineering

ECO-WORTHY started manufacturing solar panels and other alternative sources of renewable energy in 2002. Its stellar crafting skills and engineering set it up to become a leading wholesaler.

About two decades later, ECO-WORTHY products have been the relief your environment needs, and rural life has become much more convenient and productive. This complete solar system frees you to acquire low-cost, off-grid real estate and build commercial utility from scratch.

Enjoy clean, endless energy that can power different devices for your small-scale operations. When your business grows, you can expand solar energy production with Y branches, which empower you to make vast, stabilized solar fields.

3500W 24V-110V Inverter

3500W 24V-110V Inverter
Remote Controlled Inverter

This inverter offers accommodating AC outputs of 100V, 110V, or 120V. Its output port accommodates two plugs so you can power multiple devices. Inverters are great for power storage and safety. Its remote control feature is ECO-WORTHY’s effort to boost your convenience and productivity.

They ensure that your appliances are powered up, even when you don’t have batteries, and stabilize the current to protect your appliances.

Two 100AH Batteries

Two 100AH Batteries

Long battery life makes this ECO-WORTHY 1KW Kit with Battery and Inverter incredibly reliable for home and commercial operations. The system is always charging unless the batteries are full, which covers you during off-peak weather conditions.

Two 100AH batteries make this kit suitable for off-grid use, even during long winters.

Who Should Buy ECO-WORTHY 1KW Kit with Battery and Inverter?

Who Should Buy ECO-WORTHY 1KW Kit with Battery and Inverter?
  • This system is a great fit for most home sets ups and small-scale businesses with impressive growth prospects. However, it is greatest for rural folks with vast, off-grid properties with energy requirements.
  • Installation is easy and firm, meaning you can effortlessly secure it for maximum exposure. When your consumption needs to expand beyond the 1KW capacity, you can use the Y branch to hook up an entire group of other kits.

Not sure if the ECO-WORTHY 1kw kit has enough power for you? Check out Eco-Worthy’s 1500 watt kit or even consider something much bigger like their 2300 watt kit.