This ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off-Grid Solar Panel kit is complete and self-sustaining in sunlight. You can rely on 9KWh daily output during average weather – which is great if your house or retreat is off-grid.

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ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit
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  • 3500W 24V-110V inverter.
  • 12 x 195W monocrystalline solar panels.
  • 60A wireless charge controller.
  • Six x 10A input circuit breakers.
  • Combiner box.
  • Seven solar cables, each with double connectors.
  • Two battery cables.
  • 4 x 100AH batteries with cords.
  • 12 sets of Z Mounting brackets.


  • Enough energy production to power household appliances and extra commercial utility.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction makes this unit durable and reliable.
  • Overcharging is mitigated with a remote-controlled charging regulator.
  • Easy to connect, track performance, and use combiner boxes to form energy fields.
  • Easy installation and secure mounting for mobile utilities like boats and RVs.



  • Demand often outweighs supply.


This unit has 12 x 195W monocrystalline panels, which is enough to power an entire household.

Compatibility with regular appliances results from the 3500W 24V-110V off-grid inverter. It stabilizes power supply and provides a generous range of output volts, meaning it can power higher-voltage appliances if needed.

This full solar system has 400AH battery capacity.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Components


ECO-WORTHY retains an impeccable brand reputation, and in 2022 celebrated its 20th birthday!  

Energy efficiency and cost-friendliness are ECO-WORTHY’s legacy. That’s why this solar panel kit meets the highest standards of design and manufacture.

Six-String Combiner Box

Six-String Combiner Box

The combiner box converges energy from all the panels, directing a single current into the inverter. It also features Surge Lightning Protection to withstand adverse storms.

12 x 195W Monocrystalline Panels

Users can also enjoy flexibility by choosing between mobility or settled production. The total output potential is 2300W, but you can vary this by coupling the combiner box and the 3500W inverter.

The ECO-WORTHY 2300W solar panel kit allows you to mount the panels on RV surfaces, boats, or off-grid homes. It comes with the solar cables, connectors, and mounting brackets you need for easy installation.

400AH Battery Capacity Banner

400AH Battery Capacity

Energy storage ensures reliable power during prolonged, unsuitable weather conditions. 400AH also means the power inverter can power high-voltage appliances for daily use. The supplied battery cables ensure easy harnessing of solar energy. They also make this kit ideal for off-grid use.

This Solar Panel Kit Is Suitable if you:

  • Want to save on energy bills. 
  • Have an off-grid household.
  • Run off-grid accommodation or hospitality events in remote locations.
  • Run a wide range of appliances, such as PCs to fridges and A/C. 
  • Own an RV or a boat.
  • Want to boost the value of your real estate property.

If you want more options check out one of Eco-worthy’s other products such as the 1kw kit which comes with a battery and inverter.

Worried about protecting your solar setup from hail and other environmental factors?

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