GIOSOLAR 1200 Watt Wind Solar Generator Kit With 2000 Watt Inverter is a hybrid kit. Hybrid energy systems utilise both solar and wind energy, meaning you can generate renewable energy whatever the weather. 

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Giosolar 1200W Wind Solar Generator Kit with 2000W Inverter
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  • Eight 100W flexible solar panels
  • Eight 90mm of solar cables
  • 5M solar cable with connectors (Red about 2.5M, Black about 2.5M.)
  • 12V/24V 60A Solar charge controller
  • Eight waterproof connectors
  • 400W wind turbine generator with 6 blades
  • 3M length battery cable
  • One set of Y Branch Connectors
  • 12V/24V Wind charge controller
  • 2000W Peak 4000W Power Inverter


  • Charging is possible during windy nights and dark winters.
  • Intuitive display for tracking charging and power status.
  • Clean, low-cost energy for off-grid use.
  • Compatible with a wide range of appliances.
  • The product is durable for extended service.
  • Easy to install on curved and irregular surfaces.


  • This is a popular item which can sell out fast.

Hybrid energy systems utilise both solar and wind energy, meaning you can generate renewable energy whatever the weather. 

This 1200W solar & wind power system kit is suitable to power off-grid households in all seasons. Energy can be harnessed from only 2.5m/s of wind, and the high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panels make the most of limited sunlight during long winters.

If it is windy and sunny at the same time, this hybrid energy system can generate excess energy. Luckily, Giosolar’s 60A charge controller prevents overcharging and protects the system.

The inverter is rated at 2000W with a peak of 4000W for heavy commercial application.

All the panels are flexible to cope with irregular or curved surfaces. Each panel can flex to the tune of 30 degrees, making it suitable for mobile setups like RVs, cabins, and boats.

You can expect long service from this hybrid system thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction and corrosion-resistant components.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Components

Clean Energy, Durable Design

These combined solar and wind energy products are diverse to suit different uses in commercial and residential settings. This makes Giosolar products popular, so they are often in short supply. 

This complete solar & wind system kit is built for efficiency and longevity. The panels are flexible and protected with heat-resistant tempered glass to withstand harsh weather. The aluminum housing also makes for further reinforcement with minimum weight.

Solar and Wind Energy

Whatever the weather, this complete hybrid system can power your utilities. The wind turbine, which features six rotating blades, can generate 400W. The turbine rates at 12V-24V DC to support a wide range of appliances. It features an electromagnetic brake to protect against wind overseeding.

The flexible 100W solar panels provide up to 800W to the power inverter. The panels come complete with 90mm solar cables and durable connectors.

Make sure to connect both solar and wind charge controllers and rely on an intuitive screen display that warns in cases of:

  • Overloading.
  • Overcharging.
  • Over-discharging.
  • Blade over-speeding.
  • Reverse polarity.

2000W Peak 4000W Power Inverter

The power inverter will allow you to run small devices like smartphones and demanding machinery like ovens, fridges, and heating systems. You can run an air conditioner with just 2000W, and the 4000W peak can help you save big bucks on utility bills.

Power Inverter

The Y-branch connectors make it possible to expand this system into an energy field. You can set one up by ground mounts because of the easy installation kit.

This Solar Panel Kit is suitable if you:

  • Need power for your RV, camping, or boat.
  • Want clean, cost-effective energy.
  • Run an off-grid household or commercial project.
  • Are looking to save on utility bills.

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