Solar panel theft is a fairly widespread occurrence in the United States. When solar panels were first released and prices were high, the number of reported stolen solar panels was unusually high.

Despite the fact that prices have plummeted in recent years, there are still incidences of solar panel theft in the United States.

Solar panels are not inexpensive and like other high-value commodities, are prone to theft. The fact that they’re positioned outside makes them a more attractive target for solar panel theft.

As a result, your solar array is not securely protected robbers can quickly disconnect them and flee in a matter of minutes.

Man using his laptop while charging with a solar panel

Solar panels: how safe are they?

If you do everything you can to keep solar panels secured, they’ll stay safe and last a long time!

Solar panel theft won’t be able to happen without first damaging the equipment if they’re properly secured. This typically implies that rather than risking being caught, damaging the equipment when removing, or even harming themselves, most people would just move on and try something easier.

There are various ways to keep your portable solar array from being stolen when camping, at home, or on the road. We’ve got you covered, so read on to find out more!

Solar panels and how to keep them safe from thieves

We think these simple suggestions will be useful to you, so our advice is to make sure you follow all of them!

It is not a good idea to tell someone how much your solar panels actually cost

The reason for this is that you are allowing the potential burglar to understand the incentive in stealing your solar system. In other words, you’re drawing unwelcome attention to yourself and increasing the risk!

Therefore, it is preferable to reveal the true value only when someone inquires about the pricing in a way that is normal and relevant to the conversation.

Chain the panels together

You can also use nylon coated wire and anti-theft locks in addition to this. If you lock the panels together, it is a really simple way of making them difficult to remove!

Avoid leaving ladders around the solar panels or your property

The question now arises in the minds of the masses: why?!

Making a ladder available makes the criminal’s job easier, for example by allowing them easy access to the rooftop.

Installing movement detection lights on the roof or where the solar panels are mounted

Male and female engineer with a digital tablet in a blue suit and protective helmet kneeling and fixing solar panels from the top of a house roof

It is another cheap and simple technique to secure your solar panels from theft. Even on an RV, you can fit small solar-powered outdoor lights that will offer a good solution over the night.

As a result, criminals are hesitant to perpetrate this crime as they will be clearly visible when doing so.

Remember that no criminal wants his face to be the center of attention, so fitting a movement detector light is a good decision!

Your name can be engraved on them

Engraving your name on the frames is a wonderful way to prevent thieves from stealing your solar PVs. This is comparable to but probably more effective than documenting the serial numbers of your solar PVs.

Having your name engraved on your panels makes no difference to their effectiveness, but it does reduce the likelihood of them being stolen.

Theft of things with the owner’s name permanently attached is not popular with thieves, because it’s tough to sell products with other people’s names on them and also because it’s easy for owners (or law enforcement officials) to recognize their belongings as soon as they see them.

Block access to your panels

The ease with which your solar panels can be accessed determines how vulnerable they are to theft because thieves prefer to target objects that are easy to get to.

Find a way to prevent access to your solar panels, based on where they are.

This should help deter burglars from trying to steal them, as having access to the panels and detaching them will take more time and effort.

A few extra security tips to keep in mind

Install a security system

When you look around, you’ll see that the selection of specialist solar panel alarm systems isn’t nearly as diverse and extensive as that available for protecting homes or vehicles.

Nonetheless, there are some reasonable solutions available to protect your solar panels, and you can even get an alarm system with an automatic call function to make you aware of the system that is triggered.

Many of these devices may be set up to alert you if any movement near your solar panels is detected.

Motion-sensitive cams, which not only detect but also visually record the acts of thieves, are another option that is being used more frequently. Being recorded on video is not popular with criminals so this offers another layer of protection!

You can even get fake security systems that are not actually connected to video cameras or an alarm system, but which to the casual observer look very real. This is a cheap option that will help prevent the theft of your solar panels, both at home or on the move!

Use high-quality security fasteners

After installation, there are various nuts and bolts available that are difficult to remove or which lock. At a minimum, this makes them difficult to remove quickly and so will help protect your solar asset.

Alternatively, you can get special locking glue to put on regular nuts and bolts when installing them which has a similar effect.

Man adjusting solar panel

If you’re not utilizing your converters, make sure it’s locked down

When you’re not using it, secure it in a locked box or cabinet, as this is a simple way for thieves to siphon power without taking anything else.

Also, use security cables to connect your solar panel to the system so that no one can pick them apart without causing damage to their equipment.

Engineer working on the equipment inspection and maintenance at the solar power plant.

If you don’t want to rely on electronic locks for your solar panels, use a quality lock with high-security keys. These are more difficult to come by and are unlikely to be found in most electronics stores.

Is it easy to steal solar panels?

No, they’re quite difficult to steal!

Solar panels are fairly heavy and removing them from your home or camping ground would take a lot of effort. Metal cables are frequently used to connect each panel, making things even more difficult.

But if you don’t take some common-sense security measures – like those outlined above – to reduce the risk of your valuable panels being stolen, a thief may take advantage.

So why do thieves go after solar panels?

It is reasonable to assume that selling the most expensive objects will earn thieves more money, and they do not want to waste their time on anything less significant.

As a result, if you have anything valuable such as solar panels installed, they will almost certainly be targeted first before other less valuable items.

Man working at solar power station with digital tablet

Of course, this will also depend on the type of camping place you’re in! Many camping places have security measures in place, and others are so remote it is unlikely that your solar panel being stolen is going to be a problem.

Should I invest in solar panel safety cables?

Yes! Solar panel theft can be expensive and inconvenient to deal with, therefore it’s a good idea to take precautions to avoid any problems.

Security cable or wire is simple to apply and will keep your solar panels fastened down when you’re on holiday.

Solar protection cables: how do they ensure security?

The small padlocks on each cable are the first thing burglars will notice, making them think twice about stealing your solar panels.

Because they’re created for outdoor use and expressly cater to this function, they’re difficult to remove once installed.

Take away

Solar panel protection is quite important so we recommend you don’t take it lightly!

The security of the solar panels should be one of your first considerations when you install panels. Solar panel manufacturers usually provide advice for free on how to protect their products, so check their website when you make a purchase.

The options and advice we’ve given you above have provided you with the necessary information for protecting solar panels. So you can now determine which security tips are appropriate for your situation!