Solar Panel Kits

Installing solar panels in your home, RV or cabin can reduce your bills and lessen your impact. Our guides will show you how.
How long do solar batteries last?
Many solar panel users look to store the excess energy for their home.
Do solar panels work in winter?
It may be cold and snow is all around, but solar panels work in the winter
Active vs Passive Solar Energy
Solar Energy Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy
Best direction for solar panels / Solar power is one of the best alternative energy sources today. It is clean, sustainable and we have it in abundance
The Financial Benefits of Solar Panels / In recent years, the costs of purchasing, installing and maintaining a residential solar panel system have plummeted
ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off Grid Solar Panel Kit Review / This ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off Grid Solar Panel kit is complete and self-sustaining in sunlight. You can rely on 9KWh daily

Composting Toilets

New to composting toilets? Our guide will tell you everything you need to know, from our sustainability experts.
Which composting toilet should I buy?
The top two composting toilets on the market today
How do composting toilets work?
Composting toilets are an amazing way to save money
Kinds of composting toilets
It’s important to understand the differences between the main kinds
How to use a composting toilet – the no-nonsense guide / This is a detailed guide on the day-to-day practicalities of how to use a composting toilet. We’ve mostly referred to the Airhead Composting Toilet
Cleaning a composting toilet / As there’s no wet flush, we suggest keeping a spray bottle with diluted vinegar near to the toilet
Is this the ultimate small footprint toilet? / With a growing global interest in climate change and sustainability, families nationwide are looking for actionable things

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