Solar Panel Kits
Installing solar panels in your home, RV or cabin can reduce your bills and lessen your impact. Our guides will show you how.
How long do solar batteries last?
We investigate how durable are the solar batteries than you rely on?
Do solar panels work in winter?
It may be cold, but solar panels work fine in the winter. Learn how.
Active vs Passive Solar Energy
Understand the crucial differences between active and passive.
1000 watt solar panel kit off-grid / One of the most common sizes for solar panel arrays is a 1000 watt installation. In fact, the most powerful solar panels available t...
ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit- Our detailed guide and reviews / This ECO-WORTHY 2300W Off-Grid Solar Panel kit is complete and self-sustaining in sunlight. You can rely on 9KWh daily output during averag...
Giosolar 1200 watt Wind Solar Generator Kit with 2000 watt Inverter: An in-depth review / GIOSOLAR 1200 Watt Wind Solar Generator Kit With 2000 Watt Inverter is a hybrid kit. Hybrid energy systems utilise both solar and wind ener...
Composting Toilets
New to composting toilets? Our guide will tell you everything you need to know, from our sustainability experts.
Separett Villa Composting Toilet Full Review
Does this value unit live up to the hype?
Nature's Head Composting Toilet Review
One of the best selling models on the market.
What's the best composting toilet?
Our comparison of all the market leaders.
What is the best composting toilet? We Review The Market Leaders. / What are the best compost toilets? Composting toilets may be used in a variety of settings, from an off-grid RV setup to a modest r...
Separett Villa Composting Toilets: A Comprehensive Review / An Honest Review of Separett Villa Composting Toilets New technology is emerging to address the demands of people who are seeking to lea...
Sun-Mar Composting Toilet: A detailed review / Flushing the Competition with The Sun-Mar Composting Toilet and Reviews Sun mar is a world leader in providing eco-friendly toilet s...

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