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Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits are a pre-assembled and tested solar power system, with everything you need in one box!

There are different sizes of kits available for residential or commercial use - they come with the panels themselves (generally), an inverter to convert DC current into AC electricity needed by your home's outlets, a racking system to hold the panel up securely, and a power meter to measure how much energy is being generated.

Solar Panel Kits VS Solar Panels

Solar panels are the actual solar cells that generate electricity from sunlight and turn it into DC current. These can be bought separately (not including all the other parts needed) and installed yourself or by a solar panel company. If you are inexperienced on solar installation or need all the correct equipment, it is recommend you purchase a solar panel kit.

While solar kits include everything else needed to install the system yourself! You can also buy just the individual parts of a kit separately if you need something more custom or larger than what is available, in a specific size.

The two different solar cell structures are Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. They differ in their efficiency, but each has its own set of advantages over the other. Therefore it is important to research each module type before hand, to see which is best suited to your solar panel needs.

Top Solar Panel Brands

Check out our research on the leading brands for Solar Panels and Kits.


Eco-Worthy produce a huge range of solar power kits to match pretty much any specific requirement. They are great value too!



Renogy is one of the leading suppliers to solar panels to RV and outdoor enthusiasts. They have a great range of flexible, semi-flexible and rigid panels that are ready to go!

Zamp Solar


Solar power is one of the best alternative energy sources today. It is clean, sustainable and we have it in abundance

Coleman Solar Panels


A well-known outdoors brand, Coleman have an excellent range of lightweight and portable solar panels and devices that can keep your powered, wherever you are.



Giosolar is another great choice for your solar panel requirements.

Who Are Solar Panel Kits For?

Solar panel kits are for anyone who is interested in installation solar panels on their property. These people include homeowners, renters, apartment dwellers or those with a business that needs to be off the grid at times.

But, anyone can purchase and use a solar panel kit! They are especially great for beginners, or anyone who wants to DIY or install their own system without the help of experts.

How To Buy Solar Panel Kits

There are multiple ways to find and purchase the right solar panel kit for you!
Below we have provided you with a list of our top rated solar panel kit reviews. This way, not only do you get the expert opinion but also all the pros and cons to help make your decision easier.
Our handy guide will help you compare and contrast different panels, so all your worries are put at ease!

Eco-Worthy 1500 Watt

This 1.5kw solar panel kit from Eco-Worthy comes complete with everything that you need to get going and power a small home.

Renogy 800 Watt Kit


Renogy have a reputation for durable solar kits that serve outdoor users well. We couldn't agree more.

Zamp Solar 680 Watt


This classy kit from Zamp Solar is a great choice for off-grid users.

PluggedSolar Grid Tie Kit


This Grid-tied kit from PluggedSolar couldn't be any easier to use. Simply plug into the mains and away you go!

Giosolar 2000 Watt Kit


This 2000 Watt kit from Giosolar will serve a small home or cabin well.

How To Install A Solar Panel Kit

It is important to do lots of research on how to install a solar panel system, to ensure all the right components are attached and the panels are fully secure.

First, you will need to know the size of your roof. How many panels do you want? This is dependant on what kind of panel kit you buy and how much space they require as well as how much energy storage (batteries).

The next step would be where to install these panels. You have two options: you can either install them on your roof or on the ground. Lots of factors play into this decision, including how much space is available and what kind of terrain it will be installed in.

Lastly, there are wires that need to run from these panels back into your home for power storage (batteries) and use; the size of these wires depends on your panel kit and the distance from your house.

Check out our full guide on how to mount solar panels on different roof types!

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Solar Panel Kits by Watts

When purchasing solar panels, or a solar panel kit it is important to know how many watts you want your system to produce. The more watts you want, the larger your system will need to be.
We have multiple watt kits available for purchase on our website: ready-to-go and DIY

1000 Watt Kit Reviews

These leading kits of around 1kw will keep a small home or cabin powered year-round.

2000 Watt Kit Reviews


These 2kw solar panel kits are perfect for a larger off-grid setup.

1500 Watt Kits And Systems


Looking to power a slightly bigger cabin or off-grid setup? These 1.5kw kits should be just right for you.


Are you interested in finding out what environmental benefits come from purchasing and installing solar panels on your home? Or have you always wondered how to protect your solar panel system from weather conditions like hail?

Below you can find our top FAQs with all the appropriate answers to help you install, protect and maintain your solar panels.

Best Direction For Solar Panels

Before you buy solar panels you should consider the direction of your roof and how that will effect their efficiency.

Do Solar Panels Work In Winter?


It's all well and good when the sun is shining, but do solar panels still work in the dark of winter?

Do Solar Panels Reduce Pollution?


Does solar really help to reduce pollution, and if so, how much?

How Reliable Is Solar Energy?


We know the sun will rise every morning, but can you really rely on solar energy for your power needs?

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Power A Fridge?


Understanding your power requirements is key to working out how many panels you need. A fridge gives you a good basis for comparison.

How Many Solar Panels Can I Fit On My Roof?


Working out this question will help you to understand the maximum capacity you can generate from solar panels.

Understanding Active vs Passive Solar Panels


So what's the difference between active and passive panels, and which is the right choice for you?

Can Solar Panels Be Recycled?


Before we all make the switch to solar, we should understand if they can be recycled or not!

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?


Solar batteries are an important part of your setup. But how long do they last?

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Solar Panels?


A deep dive into the financial benefits of installing solar panels, both to households and the economy at large.


Maintaining your solar panels is vital to their long-term performance.
Solar panel maintenance is an important aspect of renewable power generation that can be overlooked, but this doesn't have to happen with a little knowledge about how the process works. Find out how to appropriately maintain your PV system with our guides.


Here's our practical solutions to how you can protect your solar rig from hail.

Can You Really Clean Solar Panels With A Pressure Washer!!??


With solar panels mounted on your roof, cleaning them can be an issue. But is it safe to break out the pressure washer?

How To Protect Solar Panels From Birds And Other Critters.


Raccoons, pigeons and other birds and critters can cause havoc to your solar panels. How can you protect them?

How Important Is It To Clean Solar Panels, And How Should You Do It?


Dust, bird droppings and other bits and bobs can impact the efficiency of solar panels. How should you keep them clean to prevent this from happening?