This complete 680-watt solar panel system is suitable for off-grid households, sailing adventures, and RV road trips. It can power home-energy consumption with a regular 12-volt battery.

Great Choice
Zamp Solar Legacy Series 680
9/10 Our Score


  • 4 x 170-watt panels.
  • 60-amp charge controller.
  • Wiring harness.
  • Omni-mount rail system.
  • Easy-release mounting brackets.
  • Two 3-port roof caps.
  • 25-year output warranty.


  • Remote LCD monitors for the 60-amp charge controller.
  • Easy installation for mobile homes.
  • Compatible with regular 12-volt batteries.
  • Built for easy mounting on mobile setups.


  • Sells out fast

Zamp’s 680-watt system is a great starter’s choice because you can expand it to 1020-watt output. A single panel generates 9.4 amps, cutting down your utility bill to a minimum. 

It also comes with two 3-port roof caps, which means you can ramp-up the system if you need to.

A 5-stage, PWM charge controller with 60-amp ratings stops the charging when the battery is full. Therefore, this system protects your power supply from overcharging and damage from harsh weather elements.

You also can check the volts, amps, and amp-hour ratings in real-time if you like the reassurance.

This all-American solar system is built ready-to-go and for easy mounting on temporary setups. It’s efficient because Zamp Solar uses the finest materials and hires the most skilled handcrafters it can find.

Manufacturers who build durable, reliable products offer confident sales terms. Zamp offers a 25-year output warranty on this complete solar system, so your power needs are covered for decades.


Let’s take a closer look at the components

Zamp’s High-Quality, Electric Engineering

This alternative energy company is a market leader that crafts high-quality, solar-power innovations. All the work happens in Bend, Oregon. Moreover, every package is signed by the person behind its design and testing.

Spend a bit extra and enjoy decades of endless, clean, cost-effective, off-grid power for decades instead of buying cheap products that may only work for a couple of years.

Energy-Efficient Monocrystalline Cells

Monocrystalline Cells

Expect the maximum energy output under prevailing weather conditions. When solar energy is low, these monocrystalline cells maximize energy output via anti-reflective coating. Therefore, you can rely on a few peak hours to charge your batteries, especially during winter.

Inverter Compatibility

Zamp’s products are compatible with numerous inverters. You should acquire one, especially when expanding this system for higher output.

Remote Charging Monitor

Solar Charge Controller

Gauge the efficiency of your solar output remotely with this system’s 60-amp charge controller. You can better plan your power needs and off-grid adventures with reliable data on your energy consumption.

Two, 1-3 Port Roof Caps

This solar system offers 3-port roof caps, so you can double or triple the power output. Zamp appreciates the need for starting small, and these provisions empower you to grow your system over time.

Therefore, don’t worry that 680 watts won’t be enough if your needs increase, compounding power consumption. You can also split up some components; go adventuring with a capacity of 680 watts, and leave the upgrade components at home. 

That way, you can maximize output on demand, and trim down the bulk when going mobile.

Who should buy Zamp Solar Legacy Series 680?

This complete solar system is best for small, off-grid homes, RVs, and sailing boats. You can also use it in a regular, on-grid home to save on your utility bills. This kit is a great fit if:

  • You want to increase the value of your real estate.
  • You need off-grid power like sailors and folks living in RVs. 
  • You are looking for easy-installation solutions. This kit comes with a pre-assembled wiring harness for quick, plug-and-charge convenience.
  • You need regular mounting and dismounting for temporary installations. Easy-release mounting feet allow you to remove the panels for safe storage

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